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Bills 16, Bengals 12 Recap and Tweet Bag

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The Bills walked into Paul Brown Stadium needing a win and an opportunity to better their AFC record. Despite a few injuries, some untimely penalties, two missed extra points and a resilient effort by the defense, they were able to do so, pulling out at 16-12 win over the Bengals.

Here are my thoughts on the game, in no particular order:

Gilmore’s on the goodbye tour – While he was responsible for two interceptions in the game that prevented points scored by the Bengals, it seems the Bills media and fandom will not let the soon-to-be free agent leave without a few middle fingers on the way out. Gilmore was good against the run and pass, helped the team out and did his job. Alas Bucky’s gotta Bucky:

This idea of “worth” is funny to me, particularly for free agents. There’s this need to say x person is worth y amount – but if you’re in a cornerstone position (QB, LT, CB, #1 WR) you’re going to get paid. When Stephon leaves and makes over 14 million per year – similar to Clements – there shouldn’t be this need to laugh at a man about to make a metric crapton of money. Instead, the thought should go to the Bills’ secondary, which will be down to 2/4 positions manned by someone competent. But that’s just me. Enjoy him while they have him and before they have to put another first rounder into a position they don’t intend to keep.

Bob Woods’ injury – Robert Woods’ knee injury in the first quarter looked gnarly and I do not wish to see it again. It also may ring the end of his Bills career, as he too is a free agent in the spring. I enjoyed Robert at USC and I have for the most part as a Bill felt he was a little cheated out of an opportunity to show how good he can be, Seahawks game notwithstanding.

With Woods out, similar to the effect of Green being gone on the Bengals, the tenor of the Bills offense changed. Percy Harvin’s return allows for a little room, however his lack of game shape will keep him in a “wait and see” category. If this is the last game Robert plays as a Bill, I wish him good luck on his next team. In the interim, the Bills will need to get more production out of the peripheral players in that offense.

We’re short on Tweets this week, but this one was a keeper:

And with that I say goodnight, enjoy the win and watch Survivor Series on the award winning (?) WWE Network.

Be good.