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Bills Jags Predictions with @husaria, @2itb_buffalo, @manecci, @mmigliore, @mack10zie, @bleez17, @tyhyp and John Candy!

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Happy Thanksgiving! For those that celebrate, enjoy. For those that do not, just go watch Planes, Trains and Automobiles – which thanks to a few staff members I did for the first time last night – and enjoy who – and what – you have.

After a win in Cincy, can the Bills avoid another loss to the Jaguars in ignominious fashion – or will they continue their “zero loss” policy to stay alive in the AFC playoff field? Let us know on twitter or facebook your thoughts! 

In the meantime, let’s see what our crew thinks!

Husaria (@husaria, I forgot my prediction tallies at this point)

Doug Marrone will come out, but then all of a suddent thats RUSS BRANDON’S MUSIC, and he comes out giving Marrone a Stone Cold Stunner, and Marrone runs to the tunnel, only to be met by: TERRY PEGULA and the Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Defense. Terry is mad that Doug ditched him, and Bruce Smith puts him in a headlock and drags him into the dark depths of the tunnel. Bills win, 17-10.

@2ITB_Buffalo (3-7? I think I’m 3-7).

Anyway, I’m taking the Bills this week. I flew my ass all the way to London last year with the confidence I would see a Bills will on international soil – not Toronto either, Russ Brandon – and they lost despite the low level of competition. This year the Bills are a bit better and the Jags are certainly worse. Shady’s injury is a little concerning but I would hope Rex and Anthony Lynn will have learned the lesson from the Miami game and pull him early if he winds up being a detriment to the offense. The reason I have so much faith lies with the defense. Blake Bortles has been definitely not great this year and while he has a couple decent weapons in the passing game, I don’t think the Jags will be able to run on the Bills at all. I’m expecting a fairly easy win this week. Bills 27-10.

Michael Necci (@manecci) Bills 22 Jaguars 20 – The Bills are better, and if they were at, I don’t know, 80% healthy on offense they could score in the high 30’s. The Jaguars really stink and the Bills will win. The march to 10-6 is on. Happy Thanksgiving.

Mike Migliore (@mmigliore 6-4)

The Bills are still due to lose “That Game” at some point this season. That game being the one we all expected to team to win all offseason and leading up to game time, only to see the team fall flat in a must-win situation, usually in “Only the Bills” circumstances.

We saw this last October in London when the Bills somehow lost to this same Jaguars team. We saw it the year before when they couldn’t beat a bad Oakland team in Week 16. We saw it when they couldn’t find a way to hang on to the football against Atlanta in Toronto. We saw them lose 35-34 at home to the Titans in 2012. A classic Bills’ October/November/December meltdown is an annual rite of passage in Buffalo, like the Turkey Trot or complaining about on-street parking rules.

The Jags are on a five-game losing streak, so of course the Bills should beat them. Jacksonville’s defense is playing pretty decently, though, holding Kansas City, Houston, and Detroit all under 27 points in the last three weeks. Their last three losses have all been by 7 points or less. So, they are playing teams close.

The Bills offense has little left. McCoy is banged up, Woods is out after taking a Vontaze Burfict cheap shot (unflagged), and I don’t believe Sammy Watkins is ready to come back (as of Tuesday). Points are going to be tough to come by. Expect a close game.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you if the Bills suffer another one of those patented Bills losses. Please don’t let Doug Marrone beat them again. Prediction: Jags 18, Bills 16

Mike McKenzie (@mack10zie 6-4)

The current line is Buffalo -7 1/2.  I do think Buffalo wins this game, but at some point all these injuries on offense are going to catch up with them. I think if you’re betting, you bet on Jacksonville because they do have some weapons on offense and Buffalo doesn’t have any. It seems as though Sammy is going to return and that McCoy will be near full strength. This is the kind of game where Tyrod can earn that contract.  Buffalo 24-21.

Brett Ludwiczak (@BLeez17 – 5-5) Buffalo 28, Jacksonville 17
Last week was ugly, but a win is a win or something like that. At least the Bills get to return home this week. Hopefully the holiday weekend has tailgaters going even more nuts than normal. Really the tailgate carnage will probably be better than this game. I’m not totally sold on the Bills, but they get a win against a Jacksonville team that looks like a mess right now.
Tyler Hyp (@tyhyp, 7-3)
As Joe eluded to in his Gilmore article, the cold reality is that the Buffalo Bills are most likely to miss the playoffs for yet another year. It’s not so much that I don’t think the Bills are capable of winning 5 of their last 6, it’s that their AFC record is atrocious and they’ll have to get some losses along the way from teams ahead of them. That said, I think Buffalo will fare better this year vs. Jacksonville than they did last year and continue their heroic run to 9-7. It’s probably going to be a cold, wet afternoon in Orchard Park so this game could be an ugly and low scoring battle. I’ll go with Bills 17, Jaguars 13.