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Buffalo Wins 2017 Draft #ManCrushMondays Week 3 – Wide Receiver Jamboree featuring JuJu Smith-Schuster and Chris Godwin by @RDotDeuce

This week’s Draft #MCM is a pair of wide receivers from the east and the west – Penn State’s Chris Godwin and USC’s Juju Smith-Schuster. I’ve covered both Juju and Chris in detail over at the Bills Wire, so feel free to check those reports out when you can!

Where They Win

Both Godwin and Schuster are masters of “my ball” – when there is no room to shake a defender and you simply have to just out-rebound them for the ball.

In the case of Godwin, his win started at the line, where he was able to separate and get on top of the corner before the pass was thrown.

For Smith-Schuster, while he didn’t get past the defender at the line, he did adjust masterfully in the air, ensuring a catch for a touchdown instead of an interception.

Both receivers are masters of crowd catches as well. In this throw, Juju is surrounded, but a good ball gets to him and he takes the opposition head-on.


How They Fit

In Buffalo, both would step on campus as potential #2 wide receivers. I would think that Godwin would be able to bounce inside and out, but Juju would be strictly a ‘Z’ candidate in the Bills’ offense.

Juju would live and die with the slant in the Rico Dennison West Coast. His ability to shield the ball from defenders would give him a chance against NFL-level defenders.

With Bills’ QB Tyrod Taylor’s penchant for the deep ball, Godwin would be a lethal tag partner to immensely talented Sammy Watkins.

Final Thoughts

Personally, I’d be happy with either player in the red, white and blue. While Godwin may have more foot-speed than Smith-Schuster, I think Juju’s ability to plow through corners is a toughness that’s going to be needed in the wideout meeting room. If you make me choose, I’d go with Godwin, because is speed and my goodness this catch is ridiculous: