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Joe’s Mailbag 3.0- Who am I cheering for in the World Cup/Who could be Jon Snow’s next love interest/ EJ Manuel expectations

Joe's Mailbag2

Mike McKenzie While a huge long-shot, would Melo to Miami be good or bad for the NBA?

Joe: Tough question, but I think it would be bad for the NBA and its not because of fans being turned off by the Heat for being such a super power. I think its because they’d be no team who could really challenge them. I mean, Melo, James, Bosh and Wade? Who in the blue hell can compete with that? Sports can totally have teams who are cast as villains, but you need a hero who can conquer them or at least appear that they can give them a run for their money. I just don’t see that happening with the NBA if Melo takes his talents to South Beach. I still think ratings will be high for the NBA, but it would just be groundhog day at the end of the day.

Ruether: Who are you cheering for in the World Cup?

Joe: I’m going with the Sergent Slaughter heel turn here from WWE and cheer for Italy. My parents are from there and its really the only time my dad gives a crap about sports to the point I can actually talk to him about it. It means more to me if Italy wins to make may Dad’s day than for America to be happy. Luckily, they aren’t in the same group.

Matthew Kabel Will Brian Moorman get challenged at camp?

Joe: Did they even sign someone to battle him? I’m sure they will bring in some camp body. I’d say sure as Moorman is getting up there in age and he’s not the same punter he was 10 years ago. However, since I can’t even recall if they signed someone, I’d assume he won’t be pushed. When you draft a guy in the later rounds, that pretty much should tell you if a kicker/punter are going to be pushed for their jobs. Since they didn’t, he probably has the job unless he bombs out in training camp and the camp body guy looks like Pele.

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Joe: Yes! It is bound to happen since everyone on the show seems to always fornicate at some point. If the Jon Snow Internet theories are true (Google at your own risk), it makes complete sense. Having Snow ride Ghost and Daenerys ride her dragon into Kings Landing would be the ultimate nerd boner. Then you can have the dragons and wolves get married after they cook and eat Cersei Lannister.

Joe: I think if EJ Manuel can play like Joe Flacco (25TDs and 14 picks), that would be awesome and the Bills could win 10 games.  That’s really what my expectations are for him as a 2nd year guy and I think they are realistic for where he was drafted and it being his 2nd year as QB. If he’s just mediocre and repeats his rookie year, I think the Bills would win 6-7 games. EJ is going to be the straw that stirs this drink to make it work for the Bills.