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Sabres podcast: Version 2.0

More rugged than the new Sabres rug in the locker room. Way more exciting than the way the Capitals and Panthers play hockey (Just ask Ryan Miller). More controversial than the Pegula girls tweeting. And more hard hitting than Kevin Sylvester interviewing Tom Golisano. It’s the Sabres podcast! As usual, I’m joined by Heather B. from www.topshelfblog.com. This week, Heather and I tackle the following subjects:

1) State of the Sabres: Should they buy or sell? Why are they struggling at home?

2) What should we do with Drew Stafford?

3) Are we pissed off because other teams are getting better via trades?

4) Who is our favorite fighter in Sabres history?

5) What is up with Ryan Miller? 

6) We go over how Terry Pegula can help the Sabres presentation  (IE: MSG, Website, arena atmosphere).

(BTW, if you want to download the podcast as a MP3, just goto this site, and copy and paste the link from Youtube.)