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Talkamania 2.0

Hey yo!

It has been like 9 months since we've done a podcast on this site. Well, Talkamania is back. I'm joined by Heather B-Funk and we dish the dirt on tons of hot topics:

  • Heather talks about her love for the Pittsburgh Pirates and how she can relate to my anguish of being a Bills fan.
  • We talk about Hank coming back to Buffalo
  • What will happen with Miller and Vanek
  • We talk about Breaking Bad
  • Our thoughts on Ben Affleck being named Batman.
  • And some Game of Thrones stuff.

It is 40 minutes of sports and 20 minutes about pop culture. If you are a sports fan or a dork, this podcast is for you. Enjoy and tell a friend.

Talkamania-Bills/Sabres/Pirates/Batman/Breaking Bad/Game of Thrones by Joe Pinzone