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Things to Watch For (From Bills Beat Reporters) During Training Camp by @WGRFan716

1. QB Stats – The only stat that Bills twitter loves more than Tyrod’s % of throws over the middle (or that the Bills have won 2 out of 3 in Foxboro?) Completion percentage in 7 on 7 against the 3rd team defense. Bonus points for Rodak to call out every incompletion on twitter and how close it was to hitting the press tent and/or cameraman.

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2. 90s Nostalgia – Jim, Daryl, Andre and the boys can’t miss a chance to show up at camp and look back on their training camp memories and throw some shade on current players for not being as good as they were. Looking at you Jim. And Bills twitter will love asking them if THIS is the year they break the drought so they can get the same answer as they do every August.

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3. Tweeting out their injury prognosis before doctors even get to the player – Bills twitter is filled of medical experts who just so happen to also be Big J journalists on the side. So whenever you need to know how long a player will be out based on how someone saw them hobble off from 100 yards away, look no further than your twitter feed.

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4. Doug Marrone GIFs – Remember him? Joe B. sure does! It’s about that time for every beat reporter who got slightly blown off by the Bills 4th most recent head coach to passive aggressively tweet marginally funny GIFs of him like it’s still 2013. What was Marrone’s favorite drill during training camp? Punt practice!

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