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Baseball&Brews: The Great Rule Change Debate – Part I

Baseball is back and so are we! With a new co-host, WTAM 1100’s Mike Picha and tons to dive into after this very long, yet very short, off-season! There is a week of spring games in the books, and many players have come out swinging to prove their worth. Some of them rookies, like OF Bradley Zimmer or Greg Allen, and others more of the veteran type, like 1B/DH Edwin Encarnacion. On the other hand, question marks hang above the head of Michael Brantley and how much he really has progressed over the last year.

All good topics to cover, getting our feet wet into the new season, however I advise you to listen through to the end. We, with special appearance from Boyfriend Matthew Ballinger, get into a heated little tif unlike we’ve done before over the potential rule changes to the game. Are you for them, or against them? Choose your side wisely, and make sure to tune into episode two where the battle between Traditionalists and “Changers” continues!

Lucky for us, whether we agree or disagree, there is always good beer on hand to lighten the mood. This week? The taste of baseball from the bottles of sweet, sweet, Leinenliugel’s Summer Shandy!

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And as always, GO TRIBE!

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