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How Does Vegas Feel About the Cleveland Cavaliers?

It’s widely known that the Cavaliers are one of the favorites to win the Finals in June of 2017. In fact, the NBA is extremely top heavy this year, or at least that’s what Las Vegas, the gambling capital of the world, things.

The latest odds for the Cleveland Cavaliers to win the 2017 NBA Title have them at 3-1. For those of you that don’t know how this works, it means that for every dollar one bets on the Cavs to win the title, they would then receive three times that amount back should the Cavs complete the deal in June. For example, placing a $50 bet would win $150 if LeBron James and crew can get it done.

Listed below are the odds for the rest of the NBA.

Teams with a realistic chance in Vegas:

Golden State Warriors: 10-11

San Antonio Spurs: 21-2

Los Angeles Clippers: 11-1

Teams Vegas thinks will at least make the playoffs:

Atlanta Hawks: 50-1

Boston Celtics: 50-1

Toronto Raptors: 50-1

Houston Rockets: 75-1

Utah Jazz: 75-1

Oklahoma City Thunder: 80-1

Charlotte Hornets: 85-1

Teams that Vegas considers on the bubble to make the playoffs:

Chicago Bulls: 100-1

Indiana Pacers: 100-1

Portland Trailblazers: 100-1

New York Knicks: 125-1

Minnesota Timberwolves: 125-1

Detroit Pistons: 125-1

Memphis Grizzles: 125-1

Miami Heat: 150-1

Better luck next year:

Los Angeles Lakers: 200-1

Milwaukee Bucks: 200-1

Washington Wizards: 200-1

Denver Nuggets: 300-1

Orlando Magic: 300-1

Dallas Mavericks: 400-1

Sacramento Kings: 500-1

Super longshots:

New Orleans Pelicans: 750-1

Phoenix Suns: 1000-1

Philadelphia 76ers: 1500-1

Brooklyn Nets: 2000-1

I will be posting a list like this updating the odds of each NBA team periodically throughout the season and continually tracking the movement each team makes. Las Vegas is the ultimate way to judge teams unbiasedly.

All odds via vegasinsider.com