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Cam Newton trolls hard, takes a nap on Cardinals’ side of field during warmups

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was either really tired before Sunday’s NFC Championship game, or he was trolling hard.

We’re going to guess that it was the latter, as Newton has been known to play mind games with his opponents and attempt to get in their heads.

The Panthers are looking to punch their ticket to Super Bowl 50 and be crowned World Champions for the first time in franchise history, and Newton elected to do everything he could to rest up before the game. That includes taking a nap on the Cardinals’ side of the field during warmups, which they probably weren’t very happy about.

Notice the reaction from Cardinals players as they looked on. It sure doesn’t look like they were happy about Newton being on their side of the field, and understandably so.

Newton couldn’t have been that tired, because he made a sick one-handed grab on the field a short while before that.

The Panthers quarterback may have added some fuel to the fire heading into this epic matchup. Stay tuned.

Matt Birch

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