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Cam Newton walks out of Super Bowl 50 postgame press conference

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was confused throughout Super Bowl 50 as the Broncos showed many different looks, following an excellent gameplan from defensive mastermind Wade Phillips.

The Broncos never allowed Newton to get in a rhythm—as he completed only 18 of 41 passes—and held him to no touchdowns for only the third time this season.

Newton was clearly frustrated after the 24-10 loss, and it was evident by his demeanor during his postgame press conference. He decided to stonewall reporters with short responses a la Marshawn Lynch, and eventually encountered a question that insinuated he let his teammates down in the loss.

Rather than answering the question, Newton just gave a dirty look and got up and walked out of the presser.

And that was how Newton’s postgame press conference ended. It’s understandable that he was upset, but he could’ve handled it better. He chose to dab during wins, and he needs to hold himself accountable and accept responsibility after losses.

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