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10 Things From Opening Day

10 totally overblown snap observations from Opening Night @ Arizona Monday: 

1) Carlos Beltran is 35. We're sure about that? Wait until he gets a hint of these 40 degree nights in St. Louis and the Cardinals might just be better off with the very rare 2 man outfield and take their chances.

2) Top of the 6th. Down by three runs. Need to get base runners. Leadoff hitter is up… and swinging at the first pitch. 

Of course Al and Rick absolve Jon Jay before the ball is even in the first baseman's mitt. There's toeing the company line and then their is smothering it in Ricky Horton and eating it whole.

3) Yadier Molina doesn't look right real skinny. Good for him, but still.

4) The Stan Musial memorial sleeve patch is money. Looks awesome.

5) Adam Wainwright got paid to be the man. When you only get the ball every 5th day, you've got to make each of your 30ish starts count. On the second straight Opening Day, he didn't bring his best stuff.

In fact, the night was pretty brutal.

6.0 IP/ 11 H/ 4 ER/ 4.50 ERA plus one maybe/maybe not injury on a comebacker up the middle.

6) Not the best way to forget what an abortion the end of the 2012 was. 

7) Baserunning wasn't a part of the spring training program in Jupiter, looks like. Hapless was the word of the night.

8) My favorite moment from the 3 man broadcast booth? It was the 8th inning where Al was breaking down Joe Kelly's spring training and thought a big part of why he couldn't secure the 5th starter position was his confidence.
Then one batter later, Rick noting how Joe Kelly's was a very confident pitcher on the mound.
9) Whoa. Did you stay up for the Ty Wigginton at bat? I'm not going to say he's a lost cause yet, but I imagine that's probably what it'd look like if me or you went up against MLB pitching.
10) #TossedSalas. Was hoping to wait at least a couple games to bust that hashtag out. Sigh.