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15-0? 15-0.

Please note the first arrow. Where the ball is supposed to be. In Tyler Greene’s glove.

Now look at where the ball ACTUALLY is. Scooting towards right field. How did it get there? It went through Mr. Greene’s glove, between his legs and into the grassy part of the diamond. 

Not good, Tyler. Not good.

The 2012 whipping boy didn’t cause the Cardinals to surrender 15 runs and score 0 runs (at least totally), but that moment frozen above was the floodgate getting yanked up and a 3-0 manageable deficit soon become 5-0. Then 8-0. Then 15-0. The worst shutout at home since 1961 for the Cardinals.

A historically bad loss.

Butt kickin’s are going to happen over 162 games. But keeping the players that push the boulders off the hills that turn wins into losses and losses into blowouts don’t have to.

Tyler Greene isn’t contributing to the Cardinals in a positive fashion. We can sit here and rip him a new one, but that’s been done.

We all wish him the best. But the Cardinals are in for a dogfight these last 50 games. They can’t afford to carry Tyler Greene and also absorb injuries. Like the one to Allen Craig that will sideline him for a couple of days, thus putting Greene in a position to effect the outcomes of the aforementioned 50 games. 

It’s time.

It really is. 

Tyler Greene made a good effort, but he needs a reset. And we do too.