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2 Months Ago Today: Big Mac’s Comeback Announced

By the time you read this, it will be approximately 9 and 1/2 weeks until pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training in Jupiter Florida for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Shortly thereafter, position players will join their brethren down south for instruction by new hitting coach Mark McGwire.

(Uh, oh. Sorry to break it to the fine people over at the Cardinals keeping busy spamming my e-mail, but yeah, we kind of haven’t forgotten that McGwire is back. Sorry. Nice try, though.)

Today celebrates the 2 month anniversary of Coach McGwires bizarre introduction and subsequent stonewall of silence. Cardinals Management promised that Big Mac would be facing the media in a “timely fashion”. These are the same people that run call centers for Dell, I suppose.

Assuming the Cardinals actually do make McGwire available to the media before Spring Training, the biggest question is… just when in the hell are they planning on doing this already?

This week’s a wash. Next week isn’t much better. So the best possible scenario to hear anything from #25 would be 2.5 months (months!) after getting announced as the only coaching change for the team in 2010. Chances are it’ll be closer to 3 or even 4 months before we witness a rare McGwire sighting.

But why?

Perhaps Mark reads this blog. Probably he doesn’t. But on the one in a million chance he does let’s make this simple: dude, are you fucking paying attention to Tiger Woods? Do you see it getting better for him by shutting it down? Are you really that thick?

Come forward. Take your medicine from middle aged men that envy your money, pussy and ability for an hour. Turn off the TV and shut down the computer for 48 hours and come to Jupiter as a baseball icon already on the path to redemption- not as a big, old pariah to afraid of his past to be able to move any of these players forward.

It’s time to talk Mark. No bullshit. It’s time to talk.

This Christmas week, many people are keeping a keen eye on the Matt Holliday negotiations. But the biggest story is the one that has yet to unfold in a timely manner as promised.