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2012 UCB Awards Ballot: Stuffed

For some reason Cards Diaspora still hasn't been kicked out of the UCB (United Cardinal Bloggers), so while we're still in kind of good standing, we're going to take a crack at the postseason awards ballot.

You can also vote if you're so inclined: LINK HERE

Player of the Year:

Yadi. No brainer.

Pitcher of the Year:

Kyle Lohse. You know, there was a point in time where Kyle's 4 year/ 44M contract was the worst contract in the history of the Cardinals. He was 10-18 from 2009 through 2010 with a 5.65 ERA and body language that made Sad Keanu look like a Glee extra. 2 years later and the Cardinals can't afford him. Go figure.

Game of the Year:

7/16 vs Brewers. Down 2-0 on the road in the top of the 9th, the Cardinals were in one of their patented dry streaks. The Brewers were playing with fire, loading the bases and getting 2 outs before Matt Holliday stepped in and hit a bases loaded single to tie the game. Allen Craig completed the comeback with a single. A beautiful, unexpected win that, in retrospect, really put the Brewers out of contention in the NL Central.

Performance of the Year:

Carlos Beltran. 4-5 2 HR/7RBIs 05/02/12 vs The Pirates. A flawless game from a suspiring season.

Surprise Player of the Year:

Carlos Beltran. We thought we'd forget about Albert Pujols by the time his contract with the Angels ended. Carlos made him a distant memory by May. Pete Kozma's late season run was surprising. But in totality, Beltran was the free agent gift that kept on giving.

Disappointing Player of the Year:

Lance Berkman. 90% of people that walk into a casino are up at one point. 80% of those 90% give their winnings back plus some.

Rookie of the Year:

Joe Kelly. Dude was a spot starter. A fireman out of the pen. And pretty damn reliable for a rookie.

Acquisition of the Year:

Carlos Beltran.

Most Anticipated Cardinal:

Oscar Taveras. Even got a shout out in the Grantland Annual Trade Value Ranker. When Jonah Keri is on your bandwagon…

Best Individual Cardinal Blog:

C70 At The Bat.

Best Team Cardinal Blog: 

I70 Baseball

Best Media Blog:

Bird Land.

Best Rookie Cardinal Blog:


Post of the Year:

On Life, Love and Baseball

Best UCB Project:

Buck/Kile Remembrances. 

Most Optimistic Cardinal Blog:

Diamond Diaries.

Best UCB Podcast:

Pitchers Hit Eighth.

Best UCB Twitterer:


That's it. That's the poll. Hope you didn't read all the way through to this point. Because if you did, then you need a hobby. Or some ADD.