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3 Things Then The Friday Links

1) I haven’t really explained this well- so here it goes.

A company called SB Nation has asked me to be a feature contributor writing about the STL Rams on their new STL centric hub. If you want to think of it like ESPN Boston or any of their other micro sites, but for STL and not owned by ESPN- then you’ve got the picture.

The guys from Viva El Birdos are doing the Cards stuff. Joe Sports Fan is contributing where they can. I’ll be handling the Rams stuff along with the guys from Turf Show Times and some YTD person will be covering the Blues.

Do me a favor and check out my first piece… then bookmark the hub and go to it. Some talented people are running and contributing. And since they actually pay us all- it will be updated regularly. For the two people that care, I have stepped down as a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report to accept this job.

2) So by the time you get around to wasting your time with this site today, the US Soccer team will most likely be done with their game and have determined their WC fate. A win and they’re in the KO round. A loss and they’re out. A tie and they’re playing Russian roulette with goal differential that they most likely won’t win.

Not to put it too bluntly, but I just don’t think I can fully get on board with a sport where the US can’t beat Slovenia. Pay me a hundred bucks and I couldn’t even get within 500 miles of identifying this nation on a map. Cocky jingoism? Absolutely.

3) The Cardinals need to continue forward momentum against the Oakland A’s. This is not a good team and quite possibly could be the lightest hitting teams ever assembled when all the stats are complied in the end of 2010. Less than 2 of 3 is unacceptable

Now a big batch of “The Friday Links”…

  • So if you use a newspaper in a TV show or movie, it’s this one. LINK HERE
  • Now that you’ve read that link, here’s the story behind the story. LINK HERE
  • The most brilliant truth you will find about your Internet habits. LINK HERE
  • Weightlifter attempts 1008lb squat. Pukes on judge instead. LINK HERE
  • The new Internet meme: Sad Keanu. LINK HERE
  • The Roots & Ice Cube “Straight Outta Compton”. Sick. LINK HERE
  • Dating was just as painful back in the day, I suppose. LINK HERE
  • There is no point to this. None. LINK HERE
  • The cat finally got his tail. Now what? LINK HERE
  • If you like drunk texts from last night, you’ll love the voice mails. LINK HERE
  • A Toy Story and The Wire mash-up. LINK HERE
  • This is just wow. LINK HERE

So there you go.

Please scroll down for HMW’s excellent MS Paint on the don of STL Sports Media…