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How Did You Take Last Night’s Win?

I guess we can reduce it to your personality.

Are you the kind of person that steps in a puddle on your way to work and immediately throws air punches like you’re 1988 Mike Tyson reincarnate? Or do you use this as a convenient excuse to buy a new pair of shoes without your significant other able to give you crap about it?

There were lots of good things about the Cardinals last night. Three were lots of bad things about the Cardinals last night. How you saw the game has to depend on your personality.

Let’s make a list…

Good Things?

  • Matt Carpenter! 5-5. On base 6 times. 2 RBI’s. Huge extra innings hit.
  • Adam Wainwright! Back on track. 8 flawless innings. 8 strikeouts.
  • Allen Craig! A clutch hit with RISP to salt the game away.
  • HUGE Cardinal fan turnout. The Nation represented.

Bad Things?

  • Mike Matheny. Doesn’t let Wainwright finish what he started?
  • Trevor Rosenthal. Dude is lost right now. In danger of losing job.
  • Matt Holliday & Jhonny Peralta. 0-10 from these guys isn’t going to cut it.
  • 2 extra innings. And an extra 45 minutes or so. To beat a bad team.

So what are you talking about this AM? Was it a good, hard fought win that the Cardinals really needed? Or was it a lucky win that could have gone south for any number of reasons, but you’ll begrudgingly take it?

Photo: Fast Company