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5 All-Stars = 5 Games Over .500 And The Friday Links

5 All-Stars. 

Gets you 5 games over .500!

Looks like MLB is taking the NBA approach to building winning teams. David Freese took home the ‘Last Chance’ fan ballot rewarding him with the final spot on the NL roster for next week’s All-Star Game in Kansas City. The final percentage of votes wasn’t released, but judging by my Twitter feed (Tweets counted as votes this year), Freese probably was voted in by a comfortable margin.

Thankfully the FOX promos for the game featuring Freese aren’t awkward now.

Let’s establish that the All-Star game means squat other than to the players and the 2 teams eventually in the World Series. It’s a cool event, yes. But baseball players make their money for everything that comes after the ASG break. That being said, I’ll go back to a column I wrote last week and ask is 5 games over .500 really what 5 All-Stars gets a MLB team in 2012? (Side: If Matt Holliday has a strong weekend, he might end up being the most egregious omission from the NL team. He is having a much better season than David Freese.)

Is the NL really that weak?

A week later and I still can’t square the amount of games the Cardinals have won with the amount of statistics they’ve put up. We need scapegoats DAMMIT. And if everyone on the team gets onto the freaking All-Star team, it gets harder to point fingers.

Maybe the second half of the season will bring the record more in line with the amount of talent the Cardinals seem to have on the field. Or maybe the AP All-NL Team will be 9 Cardinals while the Reds win the division.

Now, the Friday Links…

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That’s it. That’s the week. Start enjoying the second Friday you’ve had this week ASAP. And if you’re downtown for the VP Fair, have a good time. You’re a better man or woman than I.