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Cardinals Will Not Get #RallyCat And Everything Is Coming Back To Me

My mom joined Twitter in October of 2011.

You might remember that particular month:

Even though she signed up because it was an easy way to connect with the madness going on around Cardinal Nation, she quickly found that there were all sorts of accounts that posted nothing but cute pics/videos of kittens and puppies.

As of this posting, she has ‘liked’ 38,700 Tweets.

I’m not actually going to do the forensics, but I’d guess that at least 25% of those likes are pics/videos of puppies & kittens.


We had had pets in the house back in the day, but since my brother and I grew up, my mom made various excuses about why she wouldn’t get an actual pet instead of just looking at them all day on the internet.

I decided that I was going to go force her hand and adopt a kitten for her.

So I went to an adoption center.

I filled out all the paperwork – which included a questionnaire on the animal’s future living arrangements – and browsed the facility for a kitten that might make a good addition to the family.

After a few minutes, I was led to a room where they let you take an animal and play with it for a few minutes. If you’ve ever seen any movie or TV show where they show a prison cell… that’s exactly what this room looked like, except with a door on the front instead of bars.

An representative came in with my paperwork.

She started going through it.

Nothing weird.

Quick pause – I’m going to fully admit I lied on this form insomuch that I was putting my name on the front page but answering all the questions as if I were my mom. Basically I was going through the process as her, so to speak.


As the basic information transitioned into the questionnaire, I could detect a tone change. She asks about where I planned on having the cat go to the bathroom.

“Um, a litter box, I guess.”

It says here, though, that you plan on letting it outside sometimes?

“Well, yeah, I mean, we’ve got a nice yard, quiet subdivision.”

She scribbles something down. So it would go outside, sometimes?

“Not all the time, but maybe a little?”

I’m sorry. We only adopt inside cats. We won’t be able to send you home with a kitten today.

“Well, OK. He or she doesn’t have to go outside! I just won’t let them outside!”



I didn’t react well.

I asked her why there would be questions about outside activities on the questionnaire if these cats weren’t allowed to go outside?

To suss out unworthy adopters, she says.

I remember walking out to the parking lot STEAMED.

Again, I fully admit I was lying about what I was going to do with that kitten. I wasn’t going to take him or her home with me (a house with three bros in Soulard wouldn’t be the ideal place for a kitten). I was going to give that cat to a woman that would have created an awesome life for that animal.



A kitten was not saved that day.

I’m not going to name the place I went to. It’s one you would know, though.

I didn’t particularly care for the way my encounter went down. Seems like most people don’t have a problem with the place, so I guess my situation isn’t all that common.

But, dang, as this whole #RallyCat adoption fiasco devolves into something everyone is getting embarrassed by, I couldn’t help think about my experience.


You can read all the latest drama about the #RallyCat over at The Riverfront Times:

All I’ll say it this…

Your gut is probably telling you to side with the Feral Cat Outreach (which is tiny and plucky) versus the St. Louis Cardinals organization (which is big and rich and powerful).

Maybe you should.

Maybe you shouldn’t.

I personally find it very hard to believe that a humongous multi-million dollar company will very publicly adopt a stray cat and then treat said cat poorly.

They’re a huge entity that has a lot more to lose by not treating #RallyCat like royalty than any one single person or family in St. Louis.

The fact that we’ve got lawyers involved?

The fact that they’re demanding calls with the TEAM PRESIDENT?

Just smells a little funny to me.

We’ll see how this shakes out. But let this be a lesson… all memes end badly or they wouldn’t end.


It just keeps getting better.

(FWIW, the organization I spoke about above was not the Feral Cat Outreach. I don’t know anything about the organization other than what has been previously reported.)

Photo: STLToday