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A Breakdown Of The SF Giants Super Premium Seats

The St. Louis Cardinals thumped the San Francisco Giants last night in Pac Bell or whatever the hell it’s called Park. They’ll tussle again today around 2p STL time.

A long time ago I got a job offer in San Francisco. They even flew me out for a couple days to check out the city. The company with questionable taste even went so far as to bring in a real estate broker to talk to me about some areas of the city I might want to live in.

He pulled out a map, asking: “Do you have a million dollars for a down payment on a home?”


A red X marred big swaths of his little map and the questions turned, shall we say, a little more realistic: “Do you mind fog banks?” “Any problem with new immigrants?”

Point is – San Francisco is RIDICULOSLY expensive. New York, LA, Chicago… they’re expensive but SF you have to be a BALLER to really live well.

That being said, here’s a breakdown of the super-premium seats in last nights game:

+++  30 total super premium seats

+ 11 unused
+ 3 Cardinal fans! (Including what appear to be 2 unsupervised children!!)
+ 2 guys with no Giants gear on wearing scarves. Of course they are.
+ 1 Trayvon Martin supporter.
+ 1 Giant fan that bought a cap at the gift shop before he sat down
+ 1 asshole on his phone. Of course he is.
+ 3 teenage girls whose dad is really, really rich.
+ 1 thumb sucking woman sitting alone.
+ 7 randoms

Thankfully the poor people were sanctioned off by a sturdy brick wall. And yes, we must really be getting into baseball season when we’re working this hard for material.