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A Grinch Approved Post & Friday Links

Santa brought the CD a lump of coal and Tony Banks signed mini-helmet for Christmas. And we’re not in a good mood about it… But did you really think that would prevent the CD from working on the holiday?


I think the Sklar Brothers put it best on their Twitter today, saying: “It’s only recently that for a select few people, this is the time of year they crack out the cringe–worthy yule blog. Damn technology.”

Fair enough.

We’ll spare you the knob gobbling over how awesome you are for reading the site. And the superficial fawning over everyone that’s sent in a link or made a comment or posted a link to their Facebook. We certinaly won’t wish you a very merry Christmas… because that would make us look like a big bag of dildos.

Although, I guess we already did. Dammit.

Now some links that you can gather the family around and chuckle at:

  • “Let’s Enhance” makes me think I could actually write a TV show. LINK HERE
  • An amazing mystery liquid. Science sometimes doesn’t suck. LINK HERE
  • Let these guys sing it. (You will waste literally minutes with this) LINK HERE
  • Hard core gangsta pillows that have been cross stitched is your thing you say? LINK HERE
  • Techno Jeep seems like quite a bit a work. LINK HERE
  • 25 people that look like cartoon characters. LINK HERE

You’ve still got a couple of days left to enter and win a new ball glove and a gift card to eat, too. Check out how via THIS LINK. I’m pretty sure that this constest is still ripe for the taking.