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A Look Back @ 2009 on the CD

2009 was a year.

A pretty good year.

Here is a look back at some of the best/worst that this site had to offer 2009 365 day increments after baby Jesus was expelled from a virgin…

+ Yahoo! Sports asked us to preview the Cardinals playoff run. And boy, were we optimistic. And stupid. Don’t forget stupid. In retrospect, the “suck an egg, New York” line probably was ill-advised. LINK HERE

– We got a little too chummy with Rasmus Girl after getting an exclusive first interview that she was so charming in. Honestly, I thought she could have done more with her 15 minutes… but that’s on her. LINK HERE

+ We are still the only site that’s willing to call Bill DeWitt on his shit with Ballpark Village. Or at least make a whimsical slide show about it’s progress. LINK HERE

– We took a shot a some food review for a foodie site and did the best we could. All we did was rip on Busch Stadium fare, so I didn’t expect a cameo in Julie & Julia and didn’t get one. LINK HERE

Due to some tech issues with direct links to old posts at this moment, I can’t link back to old CD posts. But I can tell you the #1 viewed article on CardsDiaspora for 2009 was…

  • Pujols v Shaq- The Breakdown

That’s right. By thousands and thousands of page views, this article was the pinnacle of what we did in 2009. It wasn’t even within 10K page views of the next biggest article (the news that Pujols v Shaq was happening).

Just goes to show you…

We’re dirt merchants only pretending to be baseball analysts.

Have a Happy New Year!