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The BCS, Holliday & Mega Links

When I was 18, I think the most prescient thing on my mind at any given time was either how to score (beer, weed, chicks) or how to pay for the score. Garett Gilbert was trying to win a National Championship in front of 100,000 people in the Rose Bowl and millions watching on ABC.

Good luck with that.

LINK HERE: InsideSTL on Matt Holliday & Mark McGwire

I guess he did what he could against a damn good Alabama team, but at the end of the day, it wasn’t nearly enough to make the Citi BCS Championship game more or less a public flogging with the SEC paddle.

More interestingly, the top 3 QB’s in this year’s NFL draft McCoy (shoulder), Clausen (foot) and Bradford (shoulder) are all injured or recovering from surgery. Any guesses at the STL Rams #1 need this off-season?

Yup. Quarterback.

(Pause here to remove an idiot. Thanks Brent!)

In Matt Holliday News, the newest American hero gave the Cards a late Christmas present. No, not the signing. The millions of dollars in merchandise the team made with the switch to number 7. Video of the presser from our friends at KSDK below.

Now a mega batch of the links…

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Have a weekend, goons. We’ll see you back here when we think about it.