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A Quick Word About Fredbird’s Birthday & Those Other Mascots

Caveat – I get it… it’s not meant for me. It’s for the KEEEDS.

But I just don’t get it.

1) If you’re a fan of the Cardinals and you’re trying to brainwash your kids into being fans of the Cardinals, why introduce other characters they might like better, like a moose or cat?

2) Do you really want your kid’s pics to be with a mascot of a team you don’t root for?

3) Would you want Fredbird in Cincinnati or Kansas City yukking it up at a Reds or Royals game with their fan bases? Do you think that anyone in Cincinnati or Kansas City liked what was going on here?

4) What is the quid pro quo here? Is Frebird now going to be traveling to other stadiums for other games? Were these mascots paid by the Cardinals to be around Sunday? Did their team just volunteer one of the most visible faces of their franchise to hobnob at a competitors house… while their respective teams were playing?

Don’t know about you, but I like to picture Fredbird watching the road games on TV… not having a blast at Great American Ballpark with Reds fans.

5) And who was in those mascot costumes? Did the real guy/gal come all the way from Seattle to do this? Or did the Mariners just ship their costume to St. Louis for some St. Louisan to play the role?

Sorry to be Deb Downer on this whole thing.

But this is weird. It just is.

Photo: Hantastic