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The Most Yankee Yankee Ever & The Friday Links

So there I was scouring the internets for more questionable St. Louis Cardinals draft picks when I came across a blurb on Yankee’s pick Garrett Cannizaro and couldn’t help but wonder if this is the most Yankee looking player to ever get drafted in the history of their franchise? He appears to be the embodiment of the pinstripes. Here’s to really sports hating this kid in 7 years.

The MLB has gone 30+ rounds now and the Cardinals are making picks. Some will make it to the MLB at some distant point in the future. Others, this week will be the pinnacle of their professional baseball career. But as far as I can gather, the Cardinals took all their long-shot chances really early in the draft. So here’s to apple bags.

In lieu of writing anymore, enjoy this lip dub of ‘Call Me Maybe’ by the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders. If the Rams get off to a 0-4 start then I think I’ve found my new team. LINK HERE

Now, the Friday Links…

That’s it. That’s the week. You’ve been working hard, so now it’s time to go out and enjoy yourself. Do something exciting and report back on Monday.