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A Week On? Not Better.
It's been a week.
A little under a week, actually. But as the Giants look to close out the week with their 7th straight win and their second World Series win in three years, do we differently about what happened to the Cardinals?
Yes. But mostly no.
For whatever reason (probably not Hunter Pence), the Baseball Gods have tapped the Giants on the shoulder and guided them through multiple deep deficits to crown them champs. We didn't know last Friday when we packed Busch Stadium and bars all over to reveal in back-to-back NL Pennants.
It's clear now that the Giants had the 'it' factor. Not many people were aware when they went down 0-2 to the Reds. 
Still, its hard to not see how low the bar was for entry into the Fall Classic and get pissed all over again that we're all sitting on our thumbs while the Giants eviscerate the Tigers. 
Just avoid a three game sweep. That's it. Doesn't matter how. Just get one of three. 
Couldn't do it.
We're in the midst of a true golden age for the Cardinals. The trouble with golden ages is that they don't last. The 60's turned into the 70's for the Cardinals. The 80's into the 90's. Feasts, followed by famine. And while the Cardinals don't look to hit a fallow period next year or the year after, it's still more likely than not that the ebb and flow of baseball will knock them down a peg.
See Boston, circa 2012.
Forgive the hackneyed cliche, but tomorrow is never promised. And when opportunities for greatness present themselves, you simply have to take them. The regret stings now, but will only grow with time.
It's going to be really easy when the Giants officially win the World series to dismiss the Cardinals choke as something pre-destined. And that's will probably make many of us feel better for a while. 
History, though, isn't letting go that easy. The further we get away from the chance the Cardinals had in 2012, the more bitter it will taste.