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A Win (Finally) & The Friday Links

Despite their recent losing streak, the Cardinals still lead the MLB in batting average and ERA for the month. 

Don't worry, it took me a second, too.

But feel free to use it at work today for some good 'ol fashion humor from people that are willing to talk about anything for a few minutes if it gets them closer to 5p even a little faster.

The Cardinals hung a 13-0 beating on the Pirates. 

(By the way, now that I'm looking at that graphic, It probably doesn't make any sense. I Google'd "weak firework" and put it over a Cards logo. Terrible, granted. But I'm too lazy to fix it now.)

And if you're going to only win one of five, then I guess it might as well be the get-out-of-town game to let them remember you by. Not ideal, but heading into Cincinnati without a win on a 11 game road trip would have been the pits.

You know that a Cardinal other than Yadier Molina hasn't hit a home run since July 9th? You know that PNC park was at 83% capacity last night? You know that Joe Kelly might just be the second best pitcher on the staff right now?

I'm choosing to forget about the week that was and see if the Cards can't take their frustrations out on the Reds. Luckily 5p came for them last night. 

Now, the Friday Links…

40 days of dating. LINK HERE

You know more basic science than America? LINK HERE

Clear alcohol. LINK HERE

Sad Lincoln. LINK HERE

Grandmothers. LINK HERE


That's it. That's the week. Remember that the 1927 Yankees were the last team to get swept in a 5 games series, and they turned out pretty good. So winning that last game in Pittsburgh probably means the Cardinals are going to do even better this postseason, right?