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Adam Wainwright Is Nonsensical Right Now

Believe it or not, that wasn’t a great Adam Wainwright performance.

Correct, a 7 inning, 0 run, win wasn’t a great Adam Wainwright performance. Not a typo.

I mean, if you were another pitcher, sure, your agent would be filing this one away for contract talks. But this wasn’t another pitcher. This was THE pitcher.

Wainwright only struck out 2, walked 2 and got tagged with 7 hits. But when every other pitcher has those same stats, they’re hoping to keep the damage to 3 or 4 runs. Give themselves a shot at the win. Wain-O bore down and didn’t surrender a single tally, ostensibly tamping down talk about another anemic offensive performance by the Birds.

Doesn’t feel right complaining about another 1-10 “performance” from the 3-4-5 spots in the lineup after a Wainwright start, though.

There will come a day when the rest of baseball will catch back up with Mr. Wainwright. But it wasn’t tonight. And it might not be the rest of the season.

He sports a 2.15 ERA. A 0.93 WHIP. And a .199 BAA. Take away that errant start against the Giants and Wainwright’s numbers would be… well… I don’t even know what. Super-human? Borderline impossible?

The fact of the matter is that we can all act like the Cardinals could miss the playoffs. But as long as Adam Wainwright is on the mound every 5th game, the Cardinals only have to deal with 4 games – everyone else 5.

Here’s to a Cy Young season where even the meh Wainwright starts end up 1-0 wins.

Photo: HDWPapers