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Adam Wainwright’s Cy Young Summer Continues

Fair enough.

The Cardinals said that Wainwright’s missed start on Monday was nothing more than precautionary. While we all wanted to believe – it was hard. This franchise has a turbulent history when it comes to estimating injury absence.

That, or Joe Kelly operates in a different space/time continuum where 2 to 3 weeks actually equals 2 to (?) months.

Wainwright was back on Saturday, though. And while Clayton Kershaw got all the headlines this week for his dominant no-hitter, Wain-O quietly put up an 8 inning gem. 0 walks. 7 strikeouts. 1 earned run. And his 10th win of 2014.

On the season he’s got his ERA down to 2.08 and his BAA to .200. Considering that Wainwright has had 2 clunkers this season (5/2 6 ER vs Cubs & 5/30 7 ER vs Giants) this season has been pretty much ridiculous his other 13 starts.

It can’t be said enough – Adam Wainwright is at the absolute peak of his ability right now.

We should be appreciating every start he gets in 2014, because it doesn’t matter how many seasons after this that Wainwright plays – he’ll (and we’ll) always be chasing the results of 2014. Every single time he gets the pill, he’s capable of 8-9 innings of 0-2 run ball.

As for the offense?

We’ll give them a day off from direct examination. They did enough to beat Cole Hamels, who had given up 0 earned runs in his previous 3 starts.

For now, we’ll take the win – and the relief – knowing Wainwright is OK as we continue to enjoy his Cy Young summer.

Photo: KSDK