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Adron Chambers: A Moment Remembered

The dog days of summer were setting in.

It was August 13th and the Cardinals were in the midst of pretty brutal homestand, losing 3 out of 4 to the Dodgers before dropping 2 of 3 from the Cubs.

They had fallen 3 games behind the Pittsburgh Pirates for the NL Central lead with the Bucs coming into town for a 3 game set. I'm sure they were looking for the kill shot. 

Bottom of the 14th.

This happens.

Today the St. Louis Cardinals released Adron Chambers from the 40 man roster. 

Out of options to Memphis and not really a meaningful part of the Cardinals bench in 2014, it was time to part ways. But over the past couple of seasons, it always seemed like Adron had a couple big plays that helped propel the Cardinals season into the right direction.

Turns out August 13th was the last of those moments.

Best of luck Mr. Chambers, and as always, you're my boy