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Albert Pujols Has Bout Of Revisionism With Tom Verducci

Don’t look now, but even though it’s not a great chance, there is a TINY chance that Pujols could finally make his return to St. Louis by the end of October.

Lots will happen between now and then, but if the season ended today, the Birds and Angels would both be in the playoffs. After that, who knows. Once you’re in the tournament…

Turns out Pujols is having a pretty solid year in Anaheim. Peak Pujols? Not even close. But good for most MLB players.

So it was natural for Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated to want to talk to El Hombre during the few weeks prior to his first AL playoff appearance.

Mr. Pujols dropped a mini-bomb when he told Verducci that retirement isn’t off the table before his monster contract ends.

“When people ask me, ‘When do you think you’re going to be done?’ I say, ‘I don’t know,'” Pujols said. “It’s hard. I know I have several more years after this on my contract. I think the moment is going to determine. If I stop having fun in this game, then it’s time to go.”

Yeah, but you know, the money.

“Regardless what it is. Dude, I’m all set. I played this game growing up because I love it. Where I come from [the Dominican Republic], that’s what they do. I just enjoy every moment. I’m just blessed to have an opportunity to play. Many, many people wish they could have the opportunity. But I think it’s just a game, and with that game you’ve got to have fun.”

First off, “dude”? Remember the last time that Derek Jeter or Payton Manning used “dude” when answering a question in a puff piece for a national publication? You don’t because it doesn’t happen. Mr. Pujols has never had the best media coaching.

But I digress.

The real comic relief is that the money was the ONLY reason he left the Cardinals 3 years ago. Now it’s never been about the money? Only the love of the game?

Pardon me while I reset the bullshit meter for a second.

We’ve all gone through the 7 stages of grief. This is his story. And if he’s going to stick to it, then who are we to argue. But I think I speak for most Cardinals fans when I ask, if it wasn’t about the money, sir, why exactly did you want to leave St. Louis? Because playing for the Angels is more fun?

Read the whole piece for more details about Pujols pending (not really) retirement.

And remember that he didn’t leave the Birds for more money. I repeat, it wasn’t about the money. Even though when he finally just says it was all about the money, nobody is going to hold it against him.

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