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Albert Pujols is Vinny Chase?

Last week Albert Pujols traveled to Miami to meet with the Marlins, check out their new stadium and receive a “substantial contract offer” from owner Jeffery Loria.

This in and of itself wasn’t news. Ever since contract negotiations broke down with Pujols and the Cardinals before Spring Training started, the all-world first baseball said he intended to test the free-agent market. But after a magical October run that produced the franchises eleventh World Series title, the headlines were a bit jarring.

I mean, really? The guy surely couldn’t leave St. Louis after THAT post-season. No way.

Then again, maybe he would. It’s always nice to feel really wanted.  The one sure thing is that Cards Diaspora readers are awesome. To wit:

“Have you ever thought about it like this?

Pujols is vinny chase.  He’s a free agent.  He’s going go around the MLB hearing all these elaborate pitches. The Marlins will woo him with talk of a new stadium and being close to the Dominican and being amongst his Latino people. 

The Cubs will talk about being the savior of Chicago and finally breaking the curse under this new era on the North Side.  The Dodgers will flaunt Hollywood and the SoCal weather and becoming the face a rebuilt franchise – a franchise that can compete with the Cardinals in stature and success.  And ALL OF THEM, are going to offer more money. ALL OF THEM will talk about how they’re willing to spend, spend, spend to build a championship team around him.

So should the Cards fall in line and come up with some grandiose proposal and desperately raise their bid to match the competition?  Well, remember what happened when Ari made that mistake with Vinny Chase.  All Vinny wanted was for Ari to be himself.  To show him that he WAS NOT like all the rest.

Who knows….maybe DeWitt watches Entourage.

Thanks for that Bo from Denver.

That was the call of the year so far on this whole Pujols free agent ordeal.