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Albert Pujols Name Checked On 30 Rock & The Friday Links

Pujols was the subject of a nice rant on 30 Rock this week. And anytime Alec Baldwin decides to name check the Cardinals best player to America, we need to get the video, right?

Pretty. Damn. Cool.

And a big HT to FWC for alerting the staff to this gem.

Reading assignment? Yes. Reading assignment.

  • How the Rams are like Jennifer Aniston on SB Nation STL: LINK HERE
  • The XXX Chalupa ordeal on InsideSTL: LINK HERE

Now the Friday Links…

  • An interactive tour of The Wire locations. LINK HERE (HT: FWC)
  • Oh Trebek, you’re a funny guy now, huh? LINK HERE
  • An Internet classic! Drunk girl ruins wedding reception. LINK HERE
  • Nordstrom. Doesn’t get women, either. LINK HERE
  • The news in SF is now reporting on smoking week. LINK HERE
  • Carving a pumpkin with a GUN. LINK HERE

That’s it. That’s the post. Have a large Halloween weekend. We’ll be back here when we feel like it. Don’t expect too much from us. We’ve had enough of this site too.