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Albert’s Twisted Wrist Grips Cardinal Nation

What’s the lede on this post?

That Albert Pujols may never again play a game in a Cardinals uniform? Too dramatic – we’ve seen Albert bounce back from apparently seemingly serious injury with almost uncanny consistency.

That the Cardinals medical staff is convinced that this is just a strain; a diagnosis that lifts the spirits of everyone pulling for the Cards? Too corporate. The Cardinals have lied to the consumers before on players health, so we have to take their evaluations – or at least what they tell the press – with a grain of salt.

That Scott Rolen never got back to Scott Rolen after colliding with Hee-Seop Choi at first base in 2005 or, more presciently, Mark DeRosa never got back to being Mark DeRosa after a wrist injury in 2010? Too disparate – It’s easy to draw these correlations, but each injury has to live on it’s own.

No, the lede is still yet to be written on this story.

Does he go on the DL? Do the MRI’s reveal more or less damage than the original diagnosis? How does the wrist actually feel when swinging a bat?

I’m not going to sugar coat this Cardinals fans… the wrist is about the WORST place for a player to get injured. So much of being a great big league hitter is determined in wrist strength and agility in the hitting zone. Even a 80% wrist is going to be a drastic departure for Albert Pujols. He’s never endured any serious drama in this area and it’s hard to tell how he’ll react.

The stakes are high this season for Albert, The Cardinals and every single fan. Let’s wait another 24 hours before Vancouver-ing this site.