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Album Review: GIRL TALK: All Day

Girl Talk broke the Internet yesterday.

Or at least he broke the site that is housing his completely new and completely free CD “All Day”- his first album since the 2008 release “Feed The Animals”.

Gregg Gillis, the mastermind who is Girl Talk, was taken aback by the surge of interest in his music:

“I was up all night helping to get everything ready for the album, and eventually, I had to turn my phone off and ignore it so I could actually go to sleep,” he laughed. “And when I woke up at 3 p.m., it was, like, complete chaos. It was kind of like the Internet had erupted Girl Talk everywhere.”

Let’s back up for a second, though… because chances are you’re of 2 schools of thought about this post.

1- Who the hell is Girl Talk?

2- I’ve already listened to the album 3 times and I’m ready for a new one.

There really isn’t any middle ground. Because if you’re a fan of pop music and/or rap from about 1970 on, you’ll love Girl Talk. I have no doubt about this at all. Hell, that ‘Feed The Animals’ album you never heard of? Well it was Time Magazines 4th best album of 2008. Seriously, it’s true (Link Here)

Why haven’t you heard of Girl Talk then? Well, because Girl Talk has never made a single note of music.

Not one.

Gregg Gillis didn’t get a single spin on radio. Won’t make a cent off a completely new album. And has another job besides artist. What he does is make art. Musical art. And it’s kind of hard to explain, so let’s watch. This is the track called “Let It Out”

So that’s about, what, 14 or so songs crammed into 4 minutes. All songs you may or may not have heard of, but definitely songs that Mr. Gillis dindn’t have a hand in writing. The record companies have noticed and sue ‘Girl Talk’ about as much as you’d expect. Hell, his label is called ‘Illegal Art”.

At the same time, whatever it is that Gillis is creating is also something more, and often better, than just the sum of it’s parts. He masterfully weaves Miley Cyrus with Wu Tang Clan or Jane’s Addiction with Dorrough. It’s like Where’s Waldo for music on Adderall. Each song on ‘All Day’ is more fully formed than previous efforts and Gillis seems to be more comfortable mixing over one single musical sample multiple times, instead of laying bed over bed with the maniacal tempo he’s gotten fame for.

What’s the end result?

The best album of 2010. And unless he decides to come out with another effort in 2011, then probably the album of that year too. By cutting the fat from current pop fare and wondrously mixing forgotten and beloved classics, Girl Talk has made Ke$ha, Cyrus and Gaga not only palatable… but extraordinary.

No easy feat.

I could go on for hours praising the genius of Gillis, but I encourage you to just download the entire album yourself. (Link Here)

And if you’d like to experience a truly unforgettable concert, check out Girl Talk when they come to The Pageant on January 18th. (Link Here)