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Alive Mag, Baseball Predictions Plus The Friday Links

Let me briefly comment on the article posted yesterday afternoon by HMW.

Yes, that is me in Alive Magazine. Yes, The Hunk is a real pizza and it’s good. If you live in or near Edwardsville IL or Maplewood MO, you should order one and thank me later. Yes, putting me in that article was pretty much a goof by some buddies of mine over at the publisher. Yes, I was surprised as anyone to see that actually make it to print.

This whole deal has brought back a blast from the past, how I started to know those guys at Alive. I was a shlub trying to get some intersting video content and asked if I could film it. This is a piece we did: LINK HERE

Good stuff on that post. Made me laugh. And that’s almost impossible. I’m an impenetrable wall of solitude.


Baseball is a weird sport. It makes smart people do some stupid things.

Brian Wilson never has made a 6 out save in his entire career. That didn’t stop the SF Giants from letting him try this post-season. Same thing with the scheduling. As a team, you might have one day off a month. Maybe. But the Yankees are going to be over a week without a game by the time they strap it on tonight.


Nerves. TV revenue. All the usual culprits. But every year we have these same discussions about what the hell is wrong with baseball and it seems like every year the people running the sport from the clubhouse to the commissioner are just not listening. Instead we get days without a game and when we get to these games we get irrational decisions and baffling play. They probably are synonymous.


Nonetheless, you need some predictions. I had ATL and PHI in the NLCS and NYY and TB in the ALCS, so I’m running 50% for the two people that gave a shit.

AL: The Rangers are a nice story. The Rangers have also never played a championship game in the Bronx in October where the Yankee fans rise to the occasion. The fact that they muffed 2 home games to clinch a series in Arlington? That just tells me the Rangers don’t have the experience or the cajones to pull off what wouldn’t be that big of an upset on paper.

Yanks in 5

NL: The Phillies are pretty much looking like the juggernaut we thought they’d be back in March. Halladay and Hammels are on fire… but the Giants do have at least reasonable approximations of those beasts with Lincecum and Cain. But the Giants fall short when you look at that line-up. Just how in the hell did they get to the NLCS with those bats? I thought Aubry Huff was dead until I saw him last week playing against the Braves. The Phils have too much with Howard, Utley and Werth to be stopped. The Giants make this more interesting than people think.

Phillies in 6

Now the Friday Links…

  • The platypus can poison you in 80 different ways. LINK HERE
  • This anchor was fired for this. Seriously. LINK HERE
  • CL listing for a band needed. One of the best ones ever in that vertical. LINK HERE
  • Worst company name of all time? LINK HERE
  • Buying things dressed as a bank robber. LINK HERE
  • The phone moan is pretty brilliant. LINK HERE (NSFW-words)

Be sure to check out anything you missed by scrolling below. I think the Mad Librarian, The Business and Trumbsy are still on board with the site. Hopefully they didn’t find anything we wrote too offensive.