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All The Brewers Do Is Win

The Cardinals have entered the last 1/4 of the 2011 season and currently trail the divison leading Brewers by 7 games.

You want to know what makes it real hard for the Cardinals to catch the Brewers in the standings? The fact that these chumps don’t freaking lose.

That’s the little 5 game re-cap screen on every Yahoo! team page. Click on the full slate of games in August and the news gets worse… they’re 13-2 with a day game against the tail-pipe sucking Dodgers under way.

The last time the Cardinals had a 5 game plus winning streak?


Maybe it happened in 2010, but we’re too lazy to look that far back.

Now we can sit here and pound our chest about the pitching, question TLR and continue to wonder why the Cardinals are one big collective fail. But the bottom line is pretty simple: If the Brewers don’t start losing a freaking game, nobody is catching them in the NL. And in fact, I’d say this team is about a 5-1 week away from getting the full SportsCenter knob slob.

I can just picture Baseball Tonight right now… manufacturing a rivilary between the Phillies and Brewers.