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An Angels Pujols Jersey Encounter at the Winter Warm-Up

We were able to scrounge together 40 bucks and make it down to the Winter Warm-Up for a few hours on Saturday. There are many Cardinal blogs out there who produced stellar recaps, showing us up for the zillionth time:

-Our pal Erika at Cardinal Diamond Diaries was all over the place and posted tons of pics and video throughout the weekend.

-Our pals at I70 Baseball had the event covered top to bottom as well.

-And our pals at JoeSportsFan have posted a couple pieces so far, and I’m sure they’ll kill it with a fan-hunting gallery that will surely make you happy that you weren’t seen with those people.

Everyone else is NOT our pal. Okay, we just haven’t gotten around to reading them yet.

And hey, how the hell did other sites get media access? Besides the fact that we’re lazy and we sleep ’til noon on the weekends.

So what do we have to contribute? Let’s just say when we saw a dealer selling home, road AND alternate Pujols Angels jerseys, we knew how to handle the situation:

(Photo via @B97Matt)