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Are The Cardinals Starting To Roll?

The Birds have won 4 in a row, 7 of their last 10 and sit just 3 games out of the NL Central lead.

Monday night was a bullpen start. And Carlos Martinez / Nick Greenwood combined for 7.1 innings of 1 earned run ball allowing just 4 hits. In other words, a start that 29 other teams would kill for, the Cardinals trot out from their set-up man and guy that now has 4.1 innings of MLB service.

Oh, and Matt ‘Big Mayo’ Adams has added triples to his repertoire? Dude.

We’re finally starting to see the team that everyone expected back in April. Dominant pitching. Runs by a hundred line drives. Wins in bunches. Like Cottonelle… on a roll.

The Best 4 things from Monday night’s game?

1) Carlos Martinez’s hair. Dude is letting the mane go.

2) Matt Holliday knocked in his 1000th RBI of his career and got a standing ovation from The Nation.

3) Matt Adams’ triple. Seriously. Watch the big man rumble.

4) Jon Jay. 2/3 with 3 runs scored. Average is up over .300 now and the man that has been written off 20 times is still the best option in center for the moment.

Cardinals still haven’t totally reeled in the Brewers who refuse to go away. But still. They are starting to find their groove. They are getting the bats going. And taking advantage of dominant starting pitching.

Even when it comes from relievers.

Photo: All Things Go Music