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Are The Cardinals The New Nickleback?

How much desire did you have to party on Tuesday night? 

If you’re a normal human being, you’ve just been going hard in the paint the past 3 days and probably needed Tuesday to keep yourself alive. But there they were, 16 thousand people Tuesday night, crammed to the rafters in Scottrade Center.

To see Nickleback.

  1. Like the Cardinals, they are totally medicore, yet inspire a passionate fan base.
  2. Like the Cardinals, they are comprised mainly of people not born in the USA.
  3. Like the Cardinals, their main power man is ripped. (So sorry for this. Honestly. LINK HERE NSFW-ish?)
  4. Like the Cardinals, they’ll put their name on anything if people will buy it. (LINK HERE)

You get the point. We’d be funnier if it wasn’t the day after the Memorial Day weekend. We’ll do better tomorrow. 
And just for the hell of it… LINK HERE

Photo via Justin Boyd, who endured this for a review.