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Ask Ozzie Smith a Question, Win Amazon Gift Card

In one of the stupidest ideas in the history of the world wide web, Cards Diaspora was contacted by Ozzie Smith’s people about us doing an interview with ‘The Wizard’ during All-Star Game Weekend 2010.

I guess he’s a fan of The Bachelorette?

A little back-story here. I had the good fortune to have a TV show when I was 9 or 10 with a friend of mine that lived up the block. Somehow, this guys grandpa got us field passes before a Cardinals game to interview players. Mostly everyone was nice… including Joe Torre, who knelt, who I then told about the kneeling to the local paper that did a story on us, who then ran that as the embarrassing lede.

In 1990, the Cardinals sucked ass. Except for Ozzie, so he was our ‘get’. And after our interview, in a moment that I don’t think I’ll ever forget, he called us over to the dugout bench and asked us a bunch of questions about how we got involved in all this TV stuff and if we played baseball and other shit you’d talk with 9 year olds. Probably lasted 3 minutes, but felt like we were hanging with Ozzie Smith, the legend, in the Cardinals fucking dugout for-ever… and he was interviewing US!?

I’m sure he’ll be more than a little disappointed that Cards Diaspora is where I ended up. I’m not looking forward to admitting that to Mr. Smith.

The point is- I’ve had the good fortune of talking to Ozzie Smith before. Perhaps you have, perhaps you haven’t. But if not… this is your chance.

I’m going to conduct the interview exclusively on the questions you submit to the comment section of this post. If you want to know something about Ozzie, his personal life, his career; put it below. I’ll ask him for you.

I’d imagine more than a few of you are going to ask something about his ball sack or something in a similar vein. If you’re man or woman enough to attach your name- then I’ll ask him and also make sure he knows your name. Game on!

Hopefully this can be a pretty cool thing for us and you. And just to sweeten the pot, I’ll pick one questioner at random to win a $25 Amazon Gift card that you can use to buy anything you damn well please.

So fire away in the comment section below and I’ll keep you posted when the deadline to enter is…