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At Least The Cardinals Did Something

The Cardinals were on the precipice of putting to bed a really, really poor weekend for STL sports fans.

Mizzou learned the hard way that the SEC isn’t playing “old man football” after all and moved the line for the Alabama game up 7 points. 

The Rams rolled into Detroit looking to pull off the marquee upset in the NFL for Week 1 and almost got the job done until the Rams remembered they were the Rams and in the last two minutes snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. 

The Cardinals, meanwhile, had quietly lost the first two of a series agains the Brewers at home, keeping a very uncomfortable lead ahead of the Dodgers and Pirates for that second Wild Card spot. That included a marathon that lasted until 2:05 Saturday morning that was pissed away roughly 345 times. 

They carried the lead into the 9th inning Sunday before Jason Motte got apple sauced and the Cardinals were again, in the position of working overtime but getting beat.

They didn’t though. The Wrench drove in The Carpenter and the Cardinals ended a melancholy weekend on a very rare high note. 

Let’s watch the video. And forget that any of this happened. Cool?