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We’ve Had ‘Some Work Done’


We decided to upgrade Cards Diaspora last night. Chances are if you’ve gotten to this point in this post, you’ve already noticed.

The layout is a bit cleaner. The words are a bit more vibrant. The feel is a bit more modern.

And none of it means piss if we don’t put interesting crap up for you guys to consume. Or at least convince some people to give us more $100 bills to give away.

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you guys for reading and clicking. We don’t make (much) money of this site and it’s a labor of love for all the people over there on the right hand side of the page.

We’ve changed looks a couple times since 2006, and we’ll probably change a few more times before we put this dog down. But thanks for sticking with us.

Hope you enjoy.

Back to the playoff run momentarily.