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Atonement A (Almost) Decade Later

Technically, it's 9 years, but for the purpose of a tidy narrative, let's call it a decade. 

The Cardinals were 105 wins heavy in the 2004 regular season. Breezed through the LA Dodgers. Had a epic 7 game battle (and win) against the Houston Astros and were riding high going into the World Series.

Trouble is, Boston had a bit of momentum going too

4 games later it was over. The Curse Of The Bambino. The best season in Cardinals history. The chance at the first world championship for the Cards since 1982. 

All we got was a fucking brutal movie where the ending was re-written to twist the knife deeper. 

With the Red Sox's winning the AL championship Saturday night, the stage is set for the two best teams in baseball this season to settle the matter once and for all over 7 games in late October. 

As much as we'd like to re-live all the Kenny Rogers is a cheater storylines from the 2006 series with Detroit, we've got a new Anthony Reyes we'd like to showcase on a national stage. His name is Mike Wacha and he's here to curse Boston all over again.

Seriously, how perfect is this?

As much as that 3-1 blown NLCS in '12 hurt… the fact that '11 was so epic, it kind of felt like waking up from an awesome dream… but being pissed off it was Monday.

2004, though?

That shit hurt. We didn't know '06 or '11 was going to happen. Those were our iconic dudes of the '00's best shot. Edmonds. Rolen. Carp. We wanted it for them. And when they didn't get it? Sucked. The fact that it was Boston that took it? 


We were all Yankee fans the next couple years. At least a little bit when they played the Sox.

Again, it's been (almost) a decade. But Cardinal Nation hasn't forgotten. The players may be totally different. But the stakes aren't. 

The Cardinals and the Red Sox will meet to decide the World Series starting Wednesday. It's time to remind them that no matter how many times we hear Sweet Caroline or no matter how many pink Sox hats infultrate Fenway, the equation is simple.

Cardinals = Best Team In Sport.

Red Sox = The Cubs Of American League.