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Bachelorette Ep 4 Dissapoints

I swear I tried to Live Blog! the Bachelorette last night.

I sat down, pulled up a blank Pages page and started watching. I was about 25 minutes into the episode when I remembered that I was supposed to be snarking this. An hour deep I had two comments and neither of them were funny. (JB pointed out via text that Ames didn’t have any lower teeth. I spent 10 minutes verifying that this is indeed true.)

Long story, short – Last night’s episode was a dud. A couple of boring dates. A couple of yearnings for Bentley (mainly from the viewing public, if this is how we’re going to roll P.B.)

Yes, P.B. in that parentheses does stand for Post Bentley.

Oh, and at the end, Ash decides to dump the widow after he poured his guts out to her. He may or may not still be suspected by his former in-laws of foul play.

That’s it. That’s 2 hours of prime time TV summed up in 140 words. If you want real entertainment, I’d watch the opening from the Tony Awards Sunday night. Good stuff- LINK HERE

Oh, and Windows Vista? I Googled ‘Disappointment’ and Windows Vista keep popping up. The Internet has a sense of humor.