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Bachelorette Re-cap (Ep 6)

Real life prevented a Live Blog for episode 6 of ‘The Bachelorette’ last night. But that doesn’t prevent some thoughts in retrospect… 

+ Is it possible that Ashley, a dentist, is marring a reputable industry beyond repair? Am I the only one that thinks far less of the oral occupation after seeing how these professionals act in the wild? I can’t be the only one.

+ Bentley returned to put a period on the end of the dot, dot, dot. Kids, if you’ve never seen a network ratings grab stunt, say hello and introduce yourself. Flying a man half-way around the world to tell a girl she’s been dumped again? 3K. Getting a 2MM viewer rating spike for the trouble? Priceless.

+ Constantine did an almost imperceptible lizard kiss. This is very rare, but kudos to him for pulling this off. Points deducted for having the stillest head ever in a make-out session. It’s like Ashley’s face was a stripper working a pole.  Truly one of the most cringe worthy shows of “affection” ever televised.

+ You want to learn poker? Re-watch Mickey’s exit. That’s called being ‘pot-committed’.  He didn’t have to leave. But he HAD to leave.

+ The more the men talk about hating Ryan, the more I hate Ryan. Seriously. It’s like some sort of force comes over people and eventually they just start hating this guy even though there is no rational reason for hating him whatsoever. But I think I really might hate him more than Bentley now.

+ As a guy, I can promise you that we don’t want to know. If you think we want to know, we really don’t. It’s cool not telling us. We’re perfectly fine not hearing anything come out of your mouth. If you even think that we might not want to hear it even a little? You’re right. We don’t.  Remember this.

+ Previews for next week have Ashley getting left at the proposal arena? Oh man.