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Bacon, More Bacon & The Friday Links


We need content in the off-season.  So really it was only a matter of time before we ordered the “refreshingly meaty” bacon gift basket and had the Mad Librarian sample all of it’s contents.


  • Bacon Soda
  • Bacon Popcorn
  • Bacon Lip Balm
  • Bacon Gravy
  • Surprise Bacon Treat

And yes, they seriously make bacon lip balm.

How’s it all taste? I’d assume AWESOME… but we’ll know for sure when she gets the goods and samples them for the first time.

And she’ll do it on video.

By ‘it’ we mean sample the bacon.

By ‘sample the bacon’ we mean she’ll literally try all the meat…

You know what- toss off. Get your mind out of the gutter, OK. This is a professional website with standards and an editorial board and….

LOL- Keyboard Cat RULZ!

Now what was I saying? Oh, Right. The Mad Librarian will be getting all this bacon crap next week, so when she has videos, we’ll be posting them here with the product reviews. I expect the whole thing to be crispy. Plus we’ll probably give away something too. So come back early and often.

Let’s check in on the CD’s official NFL Pick ‘Em contest.  We’re about half-way home here and  the winner will get 50 dollars at the end of the year. And that will probably bankrupt us. But whatever…

Show Me The Money, River City Rusty Trombones and Choke Artists are in a three way tie for first place, while the HookPicks languish down in the 19 hole.

Aaron Miles is Really Crappy seems to be in the hunt, but I think we all know how that’s going to turn out for them… BACK BITING!

And if you need something to read, how about my take down of the Randy Moss PASS by the Rams on SB Nation STL: LINK HERE

Now, the Friday Links…

  • Band names in icon form. LINK HERE
  • The longest Yahoo! Answer of all time. LINK HERE
  • Joel McHale has become Enemy #1 of the Today Show’s 4th hour. LINK HERE (HT: FWC)
  • Now that’s a close call, eh? LINK HERE
  • Now we know how the UPS guy always misses you. LINK HERE
  • Google has an “Elmer Fudd” option in their language translator. LINK HERE

That’s a week, fools. Have a merry weekend and be sure to do whatever it is that you want to do. We encourage that.