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Ballpark Village Is Actually A Real Thing?

4 years after the project as supposed to be over, it's finally getting started. 

Ballpark Village is finally going to happen. For real. No, seriously. Not a joke.

The Cardinals announced on Wednesday that financing for the downtown development has closed and that preliminarily site prep had begun. A formal groundbreaking will be held February 8th with a target completion date of Phase 1 by Opening Day 2014.

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St. Louis has deserved this for a long, long time. While Shannon's and Paddy O's are fun, the Cardinals have long been the underachieving financial driver of downtown. Untold millions of people have walked past that empty field since the new Busch Stadium opened in 2006 and left the city without spending a dime. 

Further, a half-hearted attempt at a softball field (has it ever been used?) was more proof that the Cardinals weren't serious about doing anything but making money without spending money to give back to St. Louis.

Well, here's to bygones being bygones. 

It looks like this time Ballpark Village is actually going to be something that's more than a civic joke. We'll be sure to cover its progress as it comes along.