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Ballpark Village Shaping Up

Chances are most of you haven't been down towards Busch Stadium since around October of last year. 

And while you've been gone, workers have been busy making sure that Ballpark Village is ready for it's big reveal on Opening Day 2014 (April 7th, to be exact).

It's about 70% done according to my untrained estimation. But you can see for yourself from the behind the scenes video that KTVI ran last night:


A few things here:

1) Were faux brick facades covered in those classic architecture classes?

2) Unless you're Jerry Jones, you don't need to be bragging – ever – about the size of your jumbotron. I'm sure this jumbotron will be great. Can't wait to see it. But the Cowboys ended jumbotron competitions years ago.

3) That bull. Endless entertainment.