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Bambi Suppan Survives

Jeff Suppan felt like Bambi out there on the mound last night.

All cute and wobbly on his wittle Bambi legs. Just trying to do the wery west he could do. We rooted with all our hearts that he wouldn’t get shot, but when Yadier Molina visited the mound when the sacks got packed in the top of the first… It looked like the anti-abortionist movement would have to make an exception for Suppan’s career.

Somehow, disaster was averted. Bambi had made it through his first start (again) as a St. Louis Cardinal and gave us at least a glint of hope that he might be able to pull a quality start out of his puffy little tail at some point these next few weeks.

Now let’s not get carried away, though. At the end of the day, Suppan couldn’t get through 5 and the bullpen was used liberally. Again. And we all know that these extended outings from relievers don’t usually get spun into October gold. If Suppan’s next start is a carbon copy of this one- it won’t be acceptable.

But for now, I’m willing to accept this as a step in the right direction.

ASIDE: What happened at the end of Bambi? Did the mother get shot or Bambi? And if it is the mother that got shot A) why does everybody assume it was Bambi and B) you think Hollywood would have the balls to make a kids movie where a main character dies sadly at the end?